Mineral water business plan philippines makati

With a marketing plan clearly laid down, franchise holders enjoy name recall and brand attachment to entice the customers while independent sellers have to be more creative in this aspect to gain a share in the market.

The speaker was able to answer the questions. May not be reproduced or copied without express written permission of the copyright holders. Download Testimonials Testimonials The seminar is very helpful. On the other hand, being an independent seller can cost an initial investment of around P thousand to P1 million, based on the capacity mineral water business plan philippines makati the tanks and filtering system.

3 Best Water Refill Station Franchises in the Philippines

Thus, you need to provide quality service to be able to come up with loyal clients. If your funds are limited and want all profits for yourself, or you want to start your own chain, here are some tips to get you started: You may contact 0202or visit www.

If you have enough capital, you can either get a franchise of a known water refilling station or go independent and start your own brand from ground up. Approximately half of this will be on the water purification equipment, with site renovation, delivery vehicle and working capital being among the major costs.

How to Start a Water Refilling Station

This way, new franchisees are guided on how to start their operations while independents have to commence on their own and rely mostly on their entrepreneurial instinct. In the end, whether you decide to franchise or become an independent seller, the water refilling station business is definitely a good investment to venture into.

The demand for clean drinking water will never diminish, and water refilling stations are the preferred supplier of a growing number of people. The selling price of the types of water differs widely; so does the equipment needed to produce them.

If the layout of the site is irregularly shaped such that it has spaces that you cannot use, then you will need more area. It should be at least around 25 square meters and look sanitary, and you must also take into account the actual equipment that will be installed, the layout, and the number of people who will operate the water refilling station.

There are many establishments that prefer you supply the dispenser. Either which, you really need some serious thinking but the profits from this kind of business is very promising. Click here to view details of the seminar: If you will need a lot of equipment or personnel due to a large projected demand, then you must add this factor in finding a good area.

There are many types of water you can sell, among these are purified water, mineral water, alkaline water and PI water. Even depressed areas rely on water refilling stations for their drinking water. On the other hand, independent sellers have the luxury of setting their own prices.

But you must be aware of how stiff the competition has become. Franchising fees can range from around P thousand to more than P1 million depending on the franchise, the space, and the location. Conduct market research in your target market to know what will be most suitable.

Note that the Department of Health DOH is the government agency in charge of supervising water refilling stations. For most water refilling stations, bulk of the sales will come from deliveries than walk-in customers.

There are basically two ways to enter this business: Written by Ruben Anlacan, Jr. Most franchisees revealed that they could not afford to reduce their prices because, aside from the royalties they have to pay, they are also bound by uniformity in their prices included in the franchise agreement.

Besides its profit potential, this business is easy to operate. However, franchising or going independent has both their share of advantages and disadvantages. He was very accomodating and knowledgeable. This is the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

Some make do with a pedicab. Independent sellers revealed that lowering their prices is their main marketing strategy, considering that franchisees already enjoy the name recognition from clients. Many homes and offices rely on water refilling stations for their potable water due to fear of contaminated supply.

Franchising a water refilling station can mean capital infusion than being independent. Independent sellers, on the other hand, have to come up with their own promotional scheme to attract their buyers.

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Nov 15,  · Purified Water Refilling Station Business Menu. Business Ideas; Start-up Tips; Run & Grow; Directory Franchise Asia What could be the best business type to engage with?

Water Business: Franchise or Independent?

I plan of retiring soon to give myself a try, but still I'm confused and undecided. One of fast expanding business in Manila, and in most Metro cities.

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Supplying bottled safe drinking water is a booming business nowadays. If you have enough capital, you can either get a franchise of a known water refilling station or go independent and start your own brand from ground up.

Small Business from Scratch In Manila One of the safest ways to start business in the Philippines is to start small.

Type of water station package (Mineral, Purified & Alkaline Marketing Plan - How to get to your market “The Gallon Meter”- Monitoring your Daily Sales - How to properly log your daily sales Proper equipment maintenance STARTING A RESTAURANT BUSINESS. Starting a water refilling station is a promising business.

Given the right location and marketing, you can earn from Php 30, to Php 40, a month. Water refilling station business is easy to operate and the whole family can benefit from it. How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business?

Mineral water business plan philippines makati
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