What is the concept of self in interpersonal communication essay

For Jim is Recognize that all Perceptions are Partial and Subjective, because you should not perceive everything as negative. Nothing makes them feel out of place, and they thrive in social settings.

Interpretation is the subjective process of explaining our perceptions in ways that make sense to us. An attribution is an explanation of why something happened or why someone acts a certain way.

Concepts and theories investigate and attempt to explain the subtle complexity of interpersonal communication. Self-concept, or self-identity, refers to the ideas one holds regarding himself or herself. Disclosing information about yourself to another person helps her to understand you, as it means revealing private, sensitive or confidential information.

On the other hand, if the same person is around Instead he should see it as a positive thing, that way it will motivate him and be able to prove his father wrong.

Theorists believe that self-disclosure can vie with the need for privacy and that the urge to tell all conflicts with a desire for secrecy in a continuously changing cycle, according to Oregon State University.

Avoid mind reading because if you are assuming something, you are not giving the other person a chance to explain themselves. People focus on differences rather than similarities and begin to restrict their communications to impersonal topics. Communication with others greatly depends upon how one compares himself or herself to others, the environment, personal anxieties, and the people around.

For his father I recommend the following two tips. He feels as if no matter how hard he tries, he cannot make his father happy.

Self-Concept & Perception Impact Interpersonal Communication Kaplan University Essay Sample

On the other hand, if the same person is around people he or she considers to be homophobic, the conversation can be strained. Strategies Interpersonal communication theory identifies various passive, active and interactive strategies that people use to learn about and approach others.

Self-disclosure Self-disclosure is a key concept of interpersonal communication because, if reciprocated, it fosters trust and brings people closer together.

Beginning with an initial encounter, a relationship progresses to the experimental stage when people exchange information on a variety of topics to determine whether there is enough common ground to pursue a relationship. Was it positive or negative? On the other hand, if the African American was around a group of other African Americans, he would feel the same as the previous example and conversation would be more easy-going.

Offer two tips for Jim and two tips for his father, using the guidelines for improving perception and communication starting on p. The conversation would be guarded most likely.

Explain how your self-concept influences your communication with others.

According to Oregon State University, disclosure tends to be reciprocal; with increased intimacy, people feel more comfortable disclosing information that others might perceive as negative. The person may feel as if he or she were to say something that he or she would be judged given the lack of "equality".

They help to explain why people behave the way they do and why relationships succeed or fail. I paid my own way and still made Phi Beta Kappa. The relationship becomes stagnant and unfulfilling, and the members of the relationship begin to avoid each other, sometimes expressing mutual annoyance when they do meet, according to Buffalo State University.

How we think others appraise us affects how we see ourselves Wood, pg It is best if you allow Jim to speak up and explain what the real problem is. A passive strategy is to observe someone from a distance before deciding whether to approach him, whereas asking other people for information about someone is an active strategy.

Stages Psychologists use the concept of stages to explain how relationships evolve. Reverse Pattern Relationships that break down are believed to follow a reverse pattern that negatively mirrors the way relationships are initiated.

It is best to ask questions rather than to make assumptions because when you assume something, they may not always be what you think they are. Approaching someone directly and initiating a conversation is an interactive strategy.

Instead, he or she may choose to stay quiet feeling self-conscious about what he or she could add. If this stage is successfully negotiated, the relationship intensifies and the two people, regardless of whether they are friends, lovers or business associates, form a lasting bond.

Five Concepts of Interpersonal Communication

The person may try to hide who he or she really is based upon internal shame felt. The next tip would be Guard against Self-Serving bias because you should take a look at yourself first and make sure you are doing everything and pushing yourself harder in order to be able to receive higher grades.

He has blocked himself from possibly attaining good grades and achievements. These people will have a conversation with anyone at anytime. The second tip is Distinguish between Facts and Interferences. Another example of a situation, where a conversation may be strained or easy-going, could be one where a person feels uncomfortable regarding the cultural or racial environment.Self-concept, is a relevantly stable set of perceptions and emotional states.

It is the way we sees and understands ourself, and contributes to how we perceives ourself and perceives situations. Self-concept affects our perception, attitude and behavior, which can be demonstrated during the process of interpersonal communication.

Self Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay Words | 6 Pages. I chose the topic of self-concept through interpersonal communication because I had an interest in it.

This interest is because I didn’t understand that one’s self-concept affected the way one is perceived by others. Self Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay Words | 6 Pages. I chose the topic of self-concept through interpersonal communication because I had an interest in it. This interest is because I didn't understand that one's self-concept affected the way one is perceived by others.

Interpersonal Communications: Concept Analysis Paper. Katie Latimer November 1st, COMM Concept Application Paper Communication takes place in any and all locations, intentionally and unintentionally, and it can be positive or negative.

I have heard people say that self-esteem is very important to my interpersonal communication and I must have high confidence or self-esteem. We will write a custom essay sample on Self Concept Essay specifically for you. Interpersonal relationships can be built with many different forms of communication but self-concept and self-disclosure play two of the biggest roles in forming positive interpersonal working relationships.

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What is the concept of self in interpersonal communication essay
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